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Its easy to pick up a camera and to press record.. It's just something about a perfect edit, great lighting and a professionally done video to amplify your business media. So why not trust a professional ?

Here at BlurredVisuals we tend to all your savvy technological needs. 

Giving you creative visuals or insight on a vision you have.

We have it covered to bring you the best of what we offer in content creation. 

About Me 

I am Arman, the face behind BV.

Residing in Jersey seeing different worlds within the state I found it hard not to capture the moments that could live forever. I take delight in the things I shoot finding every way to make it pleasing. I am a creative, stringing along multiple talents such as cutting hair, playing multiple instruments and being a Michelin Chef lol.

I've used my environment to develop these "talents" so it could be of some use. I am also an aspiring business man seeking to open a food and beverage cafe in the near future. As i continue onward with my journey of business thank you for reading and also investing in something I could only dream. God Bless.   

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